Qponics eNews Releases

Qponics investor presentations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne during February 2014
Qponics preparing to select a world-class modular photo-bioreactor technology
- October 2013
Behavious and learning problems in school-age children causally linked to omega-3 deficiency - September 2013
Qponics granted OmegR3 trademark - August 2013
Qponics Vice President - received PhD in biogas engineering - May 2013
Statins used to lower cholesterol levels may inhibit benefits of omega-3 - January 2013
Dietary Omega-3 may ward off post-natal depression - December 2012
US Defense Dept to study omega-3 ability to reduce suicides - November 2012
Qponics secures major milestone for its omega-3 oil - October 2012
Omega-3 oils slow age-related mobility decline - September 2012
Omega-3 formulation saving sick premature babies - August 2012
Algae licensing Heads of Agreement - July 2012
Indigenous Amazonian women have high omega-3 levels in breast milk compared to women in the United States - June 2012
Eating omega-3 fatty acids may lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease - May 2012
Qponics appoints technical specialist to management team - April 2012
Low levers of omega-3 fatty acids may cause memory problems - March 2012
Maternal omega-3 reduces eczema in children - February 2012
New evidence that omega-3 could treat & prevent nerve damage - January 2012
Qponics appoints a new director - November 2011
Algae is good oil for Qponics - October 2011