Investor Relations


The Managing Director of Qponics Limited, Dr Graeme Barnett is available to present a Qponics company briefing on the future of the algae industry in Australia.

Qponics, an Australian company based in Brisbane, is preparing to be the first Australian company to grow algae on a commercial scale for the extraction of omega-3s and other high-value products in an urban environment.

Graeme has been presenting on the future of the algae industry in Australia in Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle in recent weeks. People attending these presentations have been impressed about the opportunities that building an algae industry can bring to Australia.

If you would like Graeme to present a talk on the future of the algae industry in Australia please contact him using the phone number or email at the top of this page.

The briefing will outline the algae oil industry - why growing algae for biofuel production is uneconomic and why growing algae for omega-3 oil and other food supplement products for human consumption is compelling.

Specifically you will learn about: